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Post Your Reunion on

Once your reunion plans are settled, you should create a reunion website and post a link to your site on In fact, some graduating classes continuously maintain their own websites as a way of staying in touch with classmates, even during years when no reunion is planned.

We get thousands of visits on each month, a significant number of which are from alumni. As a result, posting a link on the Upcoming Reunions page is a great way to advertise your reunion to more classmates. Here’s how, in two easy steps:

Step 1: Create Your Reunion Site

Unfortunately, EHS does not have the resources to create webpages for each graduating class. However, graduating classes have a variety of great options at their disposal for creating a class website. Here are a few we recommend:

  • Take advantage of your reunion planning company’s services
    If you have hired a reunion planning firm to plan your class reunion, check with them to see if they offer a class reunion website a part of the planning package. If so, you’ve found your easiest way to create a class website.
  • Take advantage of the social networking abilities of Facebook
    Facebook is a terrific option for creating a reunion website. Not only does it allow you to post your reunion info, but it also allows your classmates to like the reunion page, thus enabling your graduating class to develop a contact list and get in touch with “lost” classmates. Be sure to create a Facebook Page, NOT a personal profile, and NOT a Group. Pages are best because they can be viewed by anyone, even your classmates who don’t use Facebook and don’t have a Facebook account. A free Facebook Page can be created at:
  • Use a free solution like WordPress or Google Sites
    Free blogs or traditional websites are great ways to post reunion info online.
  • Create your own custom site
    If you or another one of your classmates possess Web design and development expertise, then a custom site may be a great option. This is the most highly-customizable option available, but also the most time-consuming and costly as it will require yearly domain name renewal fees, as well as monthly or yearly Web hosting fees.

Step 2: send us your site link

Once your site is ready to go, please send the link and reunion dates to [email protected]. We will then post the link on our Upcoming Reunions page as soon as possible.