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Attendance Office

Contact the EHS Attendance Office at 760-291-4010

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To Report or Clear an Absence - To clear an absence, please call the 24-Hour Attendance Office Line at 760-291-4010.Leave a message that includes your student’s name, I.D. number, grade level, date of absence, and reason for absence. Please speak clearly and leave a contact phone number so that the attendance clerk may contact you during the day.

Please Leave a Message - If you are calling during normal business hours and reach the voicemail, it is because we are on another line or helping a parent or student at the attendance window. Please leave a message. We check and retrieve our voicemail every few minutes throughout the day.

Off Campus Pass Requests - Parent requests for early release or late arrival due to medical appointments and family emergencies will be permitted. The student must obtain an OFF CAMPUS PASS (OCP) from the Attendance Office prior to leaving campus. Failure to do so will result in a Saturday School. You may not call after 2:30 p.m. to request an early release (OCP). Because we no longer have office aides to deliver passes, please arrange for your student to pick up the pass at the attendance office window before school, at  break, or during lunch. 

Attendance is Important! State law requires pupils to attend their assigned classes every day school is in session. Any student missing more than 30 days for any one class in a semester will not receive credit for that class. All absences not cleared by a parent / guardian phone call to the attendance office within 72 hours will be considered truant and the student will be assigned a Saturday School. The absence must be cleared for the truancy to be removed.

Making Up an Absence - Updated information for 2020-2021 Saturday learning opportunities will be announced soon.