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For over 120 years, Escondido Union High School District has inspired, guided, and supported students as they establish and reach their personal goals. Whether in the classroom, library, Learning Center, or on the field, each student deserves the chance to develop knowledge and skills to prepare for a successful future. On every campus, including Escondido, Orange Glen, San Pasqual, Valley or Del Lago Academy, you will find unique learning environments in which students can truly thrive. Opportunities are abundant with nationally recognized Advanced Placement courses, College & Career Technical Education, Independent Study, after school enrichment, career exploration, STEM and more. Proudly embracing the responsibility of public education for every child, EUHSD’s current enrollment exceeds 7400 students.
All EUHSD campuses are committed to supporting students as they build necessary critical thinking and problem solving skills. We are dedicated to ensuring upon graduation, EUHSD students are ready for college, ready for work – ready for life. An integral part of the District, Escondido Adult School has served the community for more than 40 years. Here, students may complete a high school diploma, learn a new skill or trade, as well as develop hidden talents and passions. Each year, over 5000 students participate in a wide array of academic, vocational and enrichment opportunities to strengthen their role as members of the local and global community.
Located approximately 30 miles northeast of San Diego and 18 miles inland, Escondido is home to over 148,000 residents. With strong agricultural roots, this vibrant and diverse community’s economic base is made up of largely successful small businesses, many of which are family –owned. Escondido offers the blend of a thriving urban environment coupled with gentle rolling hills and an abundance of avocado and citrus groves. In partnership with parents, community members and businesses, the Escondido Union High School District looks forward to preparing future generations for academic, personal and social success. For 120 years, Escondido High School has served the students of Escondido, “The Hidden Valley,” well. As the second oldest high school in the County of San Diego, and the largest of the three comprehensive high schools in the Escondido High School District, Escondido High School proudly serves more than 2,200 students in a suburban environment that still holds true to many of the values of the rural past. The school is located in the heart of Escondido, thirty miles north of San Diego.
we are eEscondido High School provides a supportive environment to our parents and students to facilitate high student achievement. Families routinely receive information about academic content standards and their children’s progress towards meeting those standards in several ways. School information is written in both Spanish and English. Our largest parent organization, ELAC, regularly hosts monthly meetings with counselors, and administrators present to inform parents about such topics as standards and assessment, and social and emotional development issues. ELD teachers also discuss student progress with parents. On the most recent California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CASPP), The English Language Arts (ELA) scores for Escondido High School were well beyond the county average, and better than other comprehensive school sites in the district. With continued work in English, as well as more focused work in Math, Science and Social Science, we expect the upward trend to continue.
The school recently completed a large modernization project. The physical plant looks great, and we are now better able to serve the needs of kids. Improving student support was a priority in the project. Our Learning Center now offers all the services that can be found on other campuses, so students no longer need to leave campus if they are facing difficulties at home or at school. It was built for kids, all kids! Our goal is to work with every student on our campus, with the ultimate goal of graduation! Escondido High School is proud of its academic achievements. Currently, EHS has the highest Key Course completion rate in the district, and many of our graduating students attend prestigious four-year universities. Our school continues to work on improving the academic achievement of all students.
Updated 2021-2022 School Year
EHS Mission Statement
EHS Mission: Escondido High School is committed to using equitable practices, holding high academic and behavioral expectations, and ensuring student success through various supports and interventions.
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