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Welcome to the EHS Library Media Center
Library Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 am to 4:00 pm


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The EHS Library Media Center creates an environment that promotes learning for all students by providing equitable access to information, teaching information literacy skills, and encouraging lifelong learning. The library media center strives to be a center of collaborative learning that produces creative students who have an appreciation of literature, critical thinking skills, and a respect for others and self. The library media center is a great place to read, do homework, work on projects, and get tutoring.  Please don’t hesitate to ask one of our staff members for assistance.


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  • Students may check out up to three (3) library books at a time. Checkout period is 3 weeks.  At the end of the three weeks, students may renew the book for an additional 3 weeks. 
  • Students are responsible for examining all items issued to them, checking for any damage that is NOT stamped “Damage Noted.”  If the student finds damage that has not been stamped, they have two weeks, from date of issue, to report it to library staff.  If it is not reported within the two-week grace period, we will assume that the damage was done while the item was issued to the student and a fine will be assessed. 
  • Students are responsible for the proper care of all items checked out to them including items left in classrooms, on campus or other various places, stolen, damaged or lost. 


  • Each student or their parent/legal guardian is responsible for items not returned by the student. 
  • Students shall return all items issued to them at the time they leave the school, drop/change a class or at the end of the school year, whichever one occurs first.  For one-semester courses, items are due back on or before the last day of the semester.  Class novels should be returned as soon as the class has finished the book.  A $5.00 late fine will be assessed for each item not returned by the due date. 
  • If a student leaves the current school to attend another school, they MUST return all items on or before the last day at their current school before an official transcript will be released. 
  • Students are responsible for the exact item(s) issued to them (each item has its own unique barcode number).  If a student returns an item with a barcode different from the one that was issued to them, they will still be responsible for the original item. 
  • Students will be held responsible for erasing any pencil markings in the book and removing all post-it notes prior to returning the book.


  • Students should show their current ID card when checking out items from the Library.  Lost ID cards and ID cards for new students are issued in the library.  The replacement cost for a lost ID card is $5.00 and is to be paid to the cashier.