2nd Semester Schedule Changes


  • Please be aware that returning to your first semester class schedule is NOT an option.
  • Many classes and sections were closed and your previous class may no longer exist.
  • Our EHS Spring 2021 class schedule was built around families' response to the EUHSD learning program survey.
  • Due to EHS creating our class schedule based on families' requests, it is not feasible to change your learning program model.
  • Schedules will be changed ONLY for the following reasons:


1.  Missing a graduation requirement (Health, English, Math, Science, History).

2.  If you have an incomplete schedule (fewer than 6 class periods).

3.  If you need to repeat a failed requirement (Health, English, Math, Science, History).

4.  If you have already passed and received credit for a course.

5.  Computer errors (missing a class OR 2 classes during one period) 

6.  SENIORS ONLY: Course is needed to meet admission requirements at a college or university.


Thank you for your understanding.



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