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2nd Semester Schedule Changes

Please be aware that returning to your first semester class schedule is NOT an option. Many classes and sections were closed and your previous class may no longer exist. Our EHS Spring 2021 class schedule was built around families' response to the EUHSD learning program survey. Due to EHS creating our class schedule based on families' requests, it is not feasible to change your learning program model.

Schedules will be changed ONLY for the following reasons:
1. Missing a graduation requirement (Health, English, Math, Science, History).
2. If you have an incomplete schedule (fewer than 6 class periods).
3. If you need to repeat a failed requirement (Health, English, Math, Science, History).
4. If you have already passed and received credit for a course.
5. Computer errors (missing a class OR 2 classes during one period)
6. SENIORS ONLY: Course is needed to meet admission requirements at a college or university.
Thank you for your understanding. Link to schedule change request form:
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