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C.O.U.G.A.R.S. Matrix

Escondido High C.O.U.G.A.R.S. Matrix







Hallways/ Passing Periods



I will follow teacher or responsible adult instructions during class time, on-campus or any school related activity and work to cooperate with my fellow students.

I will…

     Cooperate with an adult to resolve conflicts.

     Follow teacher guidelines with substitutes.

     Follow adult instructions during emergency drills.

     Obey all regulations to ensure the safety of myself and others.

     Work well with others.

 I will…

       Talk quietly when passing a class in progress.

       Throw trash into waste cans.

       Tell an adult of anyone on campus who doesn’t belong.

I will…

       Sit, eat, and talk appropriately with people around me.

       Connect with others positively.

       Stay in designated eating areas.

       Throw trash into waste cans and “pay it forward” even if the trash isn’t mine.


I will be proactive in taking ownership of my own behavior and make positive decisions that reflect expectations people have for me.

I will…

     Bring all my materials & homework to class.

     Keep my hands, feet, and objects to myself.

     Properly store all my electronic devices between 7:30 and the end of school.

     Complete my own work.

     Own up to my actions- right or wrong.

I will…

       Follow traffic patterns.

       Keep moving without blocking others or causing injury.

       Report unsafe activity or situations that I see on campus to an adult.

       Safely stow my personal property.

       Use appropriate tone and volume of voice.

       Limit use of my electronic device.

I will…

     Eat in designated areas.

     Make healthy food choices.

     Clean my area.

     Throw trash into appropriate waste cans.

     Take care of school property and showcase pride in EHS!

     Use my electronic devices appropriately.


I will seek first to understand the expectations of others and then work to help others understand me.

I will…

       Do work that reaches the high expectations of myself, my family and the school community.

       Dress according to the handbook guidelines.

       Understand and use appropriate language and manners.

       Ask for further clarification if I am confused.

I will…

       Follow adult direction.

       Respond politely to all individuals.

       Open classroom doors carefully and hold them for others.

I will…

       Understand the history of Escondido High School and demonstrate pride in myself and reflective of my school.

       Take proper care of hallway postings, advertisements and displays.


I will start with the end in mind and work to achieve the greatness that is present in myself and in my school.

I will…

        Model good citizenship; be good/ helpful to others.

       Work to do my best.

       Ask for help when needed.

       Complete all tasks on time.

       Use good manners.

       Have pride in my accomplishments.


I will…

       Assist others in need.

       Keep hallways and campus graffiti free and report graffiti if I see it.

       Respect others and avoid use of offensive statements or language.

       Be at the right place at the right time.

       Meet with attendance, the nurse and use the restroom on my time, between my classes.

I will…

       Model appropriate behavior by throwing away my trash.

       Remind others to keep our campus clean in the designated lunch areas.



I understand I am a product of my decisions not my circumstances and in order to improve my situation, I first must improve myself.


I will…

       Make an adult aware of anything that could be a threat to the safety of the school community.

       Carry my ID at all times and identify myself when asked.

       Work to keep the restrooms clean and notify an adult if I see a problem.

 I will…

       Use passes appropriately.

       Respond immediately when I hear fire alarms or lockdown sirens.

       Start walking and be in class before the final bell.

       Use the bike and skateboard locking areas for my equipment.

I will…

       Pay for all items selected from the lunch line.

       Use my money and eat only my food.


I will be considerate and put first things first, respecting myself and the feeling and thoughts of others.

I will…

       Ask permission before using others’ property.

       Listen to others when they speak.

       Respect others and avoid use of offensive statements or language.

       Recognize and address students and adults respectfully.

I will…

       Be courteous and kind in the halls and common areas - how I treat others does matter!

       Say excuse me, please and thank You!

I will…

       Respect and follow adult direction.

       Wait patiently in the bathroom and lunch lines and will not cut in line.


I will work to plan, pursue and achieve my goals, now and in the future!