EHS Students Part of the Humans of Escondido Project

Advanced photo and video students will have their recently completed Humans of Escondido project on display alongside photographs made by Ansel Adams of the Japanese-American incarceration camp, Manzanar.


  What is the Humans of Escondido project?  Inspired by the the Humans of New York ( project and the recent campus climate, students sought to find ways to celebrate diversity and understand one another through stories and environmental portraits of people in our community. The hope is that we will find value in the diversity of our local community and create connections with people we may not otherwise get to know on a deeper level. Each student photographed and interviewed at least 5 people, some of whom they had never met, in order to learn their stories on relationships, forgiveness, purpose, and mission. 



  Thank you to Assets/ Jud Bordman for the financial support to make this special project happen and to the staff kind enough to have their portraits and personal stories recorded by students. Only two photos per student were selected by the museum so not all images will be on view but, we do hope to create a website where all your stories can be shared.

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